Fantasy Island (2021)

People who walk in with a desire, but end up reborn to themselves through the magical realism of Fantasy Island.

Season 1

Eps  001

Hungry Christine/Mel Loves Ruby
Air date: Wed August 11th, 2021

We are introduced to the host of the island and her first group of visitors as we see a news anchor who has some personal issues to deal with and an old couple looking for an adventure on borrowed time.

We are introduced to the host of the island Miss Roarke who I’m guessing may be the daughter of Mr Roarke from the original show. First episode was ok, nothing to keep you going except a little twist towards the end with one of the guests. If you’re attentive and a fan of the original you will notice a little homage to tattoo.
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Eps  002

His and Hers/The Heartbreak Hotel
Air date: Wed August 18th, 2021

An Adventurous couple on a quest for more and a guest not willing to let go of the past.

This episode explores feminism in a different way which I’m not quite sure was executed to its best as some things were a bit exaggerated and unrealistic (were there no men in the writing room for reference?) Still waiting for an explanation on these magical thing happening out of nowhere and no one seems that surprised about.
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Eps  003

Quantum Entanglement
Air date: Wed August 25th, 2021

The island hosts a self-centered mother and a skeptical Scientist who appear to have more in common than they realize.

The title for this episode is misleading with it’s only inference drawn from the fact that one of the guests is a Physicist. An interesting episode once you ignore the “fantasies” of the island and just go with the flow.
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Eps  004

Once Upon a Time in Havana
Air date: Wed September 1st, 2021

Percussionist Alma wants to be accepted by her tight-knit Cuban family, but to understand why they disapprove of her musical career, she must revisit their history.

We only have one guest for this episode which turned out to be my best episode yet even though it had its short comings. This time the island takes on time travel and throws the butterfly effect right out the window as there are no consequences for interfering with the past here because.....The Island.
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Eps  005

Twice in a Lifetime
Air date: Wed September 8th, 2021
Nisha wants the Island to help her decide between marrying her parent's proposed match, Savin, or her longtime boyfriend, Josh.

Eps  006

The Big Five Oh
Air date: Mon September 13th, 2021

When old friends Nettie, Camille and Margot come to the Island to celebrate their 50th birthdays, their fantasies expose fault lines in their friendship.

Eps  007

The Romance & The Bromance
Air date: Wed September 15th, 2021

A bookworm who wants to say yes to life goes back in time to meet her favorite author, and a competitive survivalist learns that the ultimate challenge is something he hasn't trained for.

Eps  008

Día de los Vivos
Air date: Mon September 20th, 2021

A young artist Ramon wants to see his mentor, Jasper, again and Jasper realizes he may not have been the best influence on Ramon.

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